My Little Pine River My Little Pine River

My Little Pine River

By Alice Palace. Ages 4-8. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to kayak down a river on a warm, sunny day? Little Marvin is in his room, late at night, dreaming about kayaking down the Little Pine River. $17.00

My Little Sailboat My Little Sailboat

My Little Sailboat

#0970944446. By Alice Palace. Ages 4-8. What would it be like to sail far, far away, down rivers and lakes on a warm, windy day? Little Marvin is in his cabin loft late at night, but he really should be sleeping. Instead, he's dreaming about sailing to the ocean so big, beautiful, and blue. Let's see, Let's see, where will he sail, and what will he do? $17.00

Wolf Song by Mary Bevis Wolf Song by Mary Bevis








Wolf Song by Mary Bevis

By Ely, MN author Mary Bevis, illustrated by Ely, MN artist and author Consie Powell. All summer Nell has been looking forward to an evening of howling for wolves with Uncle Walter. Now that the time is here, she's a little anxious. But the starry sky soon soothes her fears, and the evening unfolds with all the satisfaction of a wonder-full wilderness experience as Nell learns to howl "like one of the pack." On each page the colorful scratchboard illustrations tell two stories—that of Nell and Uncle Walter, and that of a wolf pack at its August rendezvous site. The illustations accurately depict wolf pack behavior and communication. Children will enjoy finding the other nocturnal northwoods animals pictured—loons, beaver, and a flying squirrel, and will easily identify with Nell's excitement and apprehension. A non-fiction section at the back of the book provides facts about timber wolves, their pack structure, and how to go on a howling expedition if you are in an area where wolves live. Acid-free. top quality paper. Sturdy. durable bindings. Laminated covers that wipe clean easily. Full color. 10" x 8". 32 pages. Ages 5-10. $12.95

Someone Walks By Someone Walks By





Someone Walks By

Story and Illustrations by Ely, MN author Polly Carlson-Voiles. Someone is walking through the north woods in winter. Readers can see the tracks in each detailed depiction of winter habitat, but they don't discover the wolf joining her mate until the last pages. On the way, they see frozen wood frogs, a bear in her den with her newborn cubs, sleepy chipmunks, fish and otters swimming under the ice, owl hunting and hare hiding, and many other creatures surviving and even thriving in the cold, snowy winter environment. The artwork in this book is created from intricately cut and torn colored paper with watercolor and ink detailing. It has been so carefully reproduced that the reader will feel like they are holding the original art in their hands. Children will enjoy finding the many animals on each page. A glossary defines different types of snow and other winter terminology. 32 pages. Ages 5–10. Full Color. 10" x 8" $12.95

Leave Only Ripples Leave Only Ripples




Leave Only Ripples

A Canoe Country Sketchbook by Ely, MN author and illustrator Consie Powell. Winner of the 2005 John Burroughs Nature Books for Young Readers Award and the 2006 Sigurd Olson Nature Writing Award for Children's Literature. A family canoe trip into the Border Country lakes of northern Minnesota and western Ontario is vividly depicted with woodblocks, sketches, and prose. Each page presents a new aspect of the Canoe Country's human and natural history, blended with a typical summer day of paddling, portaging and camping. Learn the names and behaviors of many of the plants and animals encountered in northern lakes and forests. Although this trip takes the reader into the wilderness of northern Minnesota, the camp activities, wildlife and scenery could be part of a wilderness trip in Maine, the Adirondacks, Algonquin Park, or many other places up north. Printed on archival quality paper. Side-sewn, durable binding. Hardcover. Full color. 8" x 10". 32 pages. Ages 5-12 & Adult $9.95